Dr. Rob Marshall's Megamix for Birds - WinsomePet Supplies

Dr. Rob Marshall's Megamix for Birds - WinsomePet Supplies

Megamix is a water cleanser to be used during wet weather to keep the droppings nutty. Megamix is a mixture of organic acids used to protect the health of the flock during wet weather or when the humidity rises above 65%. The increased acidity does not damage the bowel in any way, but does prevent the acid fearing germs, notably E.coli and thrush from multiplying. It is used in lofts when a humidity problem turns the healthy nut-brown droppings to green. Megamix must be used at the first signs of a dropping change. When used at the very first signs of the green discolouration Megamix gives immediate results, returning the green droppings to nutty brown droppings within 8 hours. The very best fanciers of every Federation in Australia are all using Megamix. It is used for one day or can be given continuously during wet spells to protect the health and form of race birds, breeding and young birds, eliminating the need for stronger medicines.

The health of the racing pigeon does not enjoy a high humidity. It is obvious to all fanciers that pigeons look duller on rainy days than when the sun is out and that the droppings "go off" when it rains and tighten up when it is dry. This occurs because a high moisture in the air is accompanied by an increased bowel germ count (E.coli and thrush) which causes "gut ache" and green, loose droppings. During racing the "upset" bowel will take the birds off form and when the wet spell continues for more than a day their health is endangered. Megamix lowers the germ count and immediately protects the fitness and health of the race birds. The form of the healthy racing pigeon can change from day to day depending on the ability of the training pigeons to recover from the exertions of the day. The well designed loft provides the pigeon with best conditions to fully recover because it protects the birds from the effects of high humidity. However, there are times when this is not always possible.
During prolonged rain the humidity in every loft becomes too high and this is when Megamix is best used to protect the form of the race birds. The dose of Megamix varies from loft to loft depending upon the humidity in the local area and the hardness of the local water. Some use it at 2mls per litre of drinking water to good effect, whereas another loft may require 5mls. Some humidity susceptible lofts need very high doses of up to 10mls per litre. You must calculate your own dose by noting the response of the droppings to the Megamix. Start at 2ml per litre and work your way upwards until you get the desired effect and then stick with that dose. Not only do the droppings return to normal by the afternoon, but also the overall appearance of the flock improves. Look for the return of the glass eye, bloom on the flights, down feathers on the droppings and a return to the silky feather of the bird in top form.

During wet weather, young birds are highly susceptible to health problems. Megamix given at a dose of 10mls per litre controls most young bird health problems without affecting their developing natural resistance. Megamix is completely safe to give during the moult.

Megamix is used as the first choice acid cleanser for the healthy loft. It is used for E.coli and thrush problems in lofts with a humidity problem. It can be used for one day or continuously during wet spells for race, breeding or young birds. Megamix never depresses the form of the healthy pigeon and is safe to give to birds feeding young babies. (Dr. Rob Marshall)



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