Cardellini Food

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Cardellini Food Suitable for goldfinches, bullfinches, chaffinches, Peppoli altri. Contiene and also shellfish, proteins, particular and special seeds, herbs, and dandelion meadow 

Has products from the bakery and pasta produzionedi, sottoprodottidei products and cereal grains, milk and milk derivatives, seeds, products and by-products of sugar processing, molluscs, and crustaceans, mineral substances. 

In the preparation phase and during breeding we recommend daily use. It can be mixed with germinated, cooked seeds, etc. In the rest period and during the winter it is recommended to administer once a week as it is. 

Cardellini Food is suitable for goldfinches, bullfinches, finches, brambles, and others.
It also contains crustaceans, proteins, particular and special seeds, grasses, and dandelions.



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