NEKTON-TONIC-F for High-grade tonic attuned to the needs of fruit-eating birds.

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High-grade tonic attuned to the needs of fruit-eating birds.

NEKTON-TONIC-F for fruit-eating birds

The variety and combination of the more than 60 nutritive and effective substances in this supplement makes NEKTON-TONIC a valuable tonic for strengthening and building up an animal’s organism. Heading the list of nutritive and effective substances are the amino acids and vitamins as well as the macro and trace elements. The effectiveness of the NEKTON-TONIC products lies in their species-specific formulas which ensure full availability, immediate utilisation and correct physiological functioning and interaction of the components.

Particularly valuable during times of stress. Effective aids to preventing deficiency diseases Excellent support during illness and/or treatment

Give in addition to drinking water or sprinkle over soft food.

Highly potential tonic containing nutritive and activating ingredients to fortify everyday diets and make pets look and feel better.




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