Pro Light - in lieu of tradition seeds

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Pro.Light Deputy mix for canaries... in one revolutionary product. 


• Stop the WASTE 
• demolished bacterial Upload 
• Less mortality 

E 'a food for canaries composed to 97% of seeds enriched with vitamins (A, D3, C, PP, E, B2, K, B1, B12, Calcium D-pantothenate, folic acid), amino acids (methionine, choline), minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper), prebiotics and probiotics. 
PRO.LIGHT is an innovative product designed to replace traditional seed mixtures. It is presented in the form of granules ready to use and offers the same benefits of traditional seeds but reduces the negative aspects related to the use thereof. It is not a unifeed not cause "browning" and does not affect the natural color of the plumage; not unaccustomed to the canaries traditional mixed consumption.

Who uses PRO.LIGHT ? 
• Who has frequent cases of mortality in breeding. 
• If you are tired of having problems with traditional seeds mixed. 
• Who wants to reduce waste and optimize costs. 
• Who has little time for cleaning livestock but still want the benefits of the seeds. 
• Find a rich nutrition and high quality. 
• Who has the pleasure of having a better cleaning in breeding. 
• Who is attentive to the nutritional needs. 
• Those who want a steady improvement in farm management.



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