Vitovo - nestling food

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Vitovo For imbecco of nestlings, rightly protein and vitamin-enriched easy to digest and assimilate the higher nutritional requirements and lower digestive capacity of nestlings has led to a special food research and specification. 
  • The  VITOVO  fully meet the food needs of young subjects: energy , high-protein, full of vitamins and minerals.
  • The  VITOVO  brings the essential elements and essential to proper growth and maintenance of an optimal physiological state.
  • The  VITOVO, association of easily digestible substances, enables the maintenance of a good state of health thanks to 'supply of vitamins amino acids and mineral elements.
  • The administration of  VITOVO  is recommended since the early days of life through' imbecco  (after diluting the  VITOVO  with an amount of water to obtain a creamy and velvety soft mpasto)  or pastoncino associated with the percentage of 10% -20%.
  • TO USE  all year in greater quantities during periods of pre-hatching, hatching, rearing and weaning of the nestlings. 




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