Avian Insect Liquidator (AIL)

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Avian Insect Liquidator provides instant control of pests on contact with additional 6-week residual protection against reinfestation. AIL contains three effective and safe active ingredients which penetrate deep into the plumage of birds to kill mites and lice under the feathers and on the skin. Recommended for use all year, especially during the peak, warmer seasons of spring and summer. Use on mites, lice, flies, spiders, ants, or any situation where external parasites are a problem, including nest boxes, flights, perches, aviary floors, indoor cages, and for direct application to the bird. 100% safe for use on all birds. 

Product Benefits

  • Provides instant control of external pests on contact with 6-week residual protection
  • Provides protection against mites, lice, flies, spiders, ants, and many other insects
  • Can be applied directly on the birds and on aviaries, nest boxes, floors, cages, and pens
  • Is offered in two convenient formulas: ready-to-use and concentrated (for dilution)
  • Contains three effective active ingredients which safely penetrate deep into the plumage 
  • 100% safe on all birds
  • Developed by veterinarians with over 30 years of experience
  • Made in Australia; Imported

Directions for Use

To control avian mites (Dermanyssus spp., Ornithonyssus spp.) and lice (order Mallophaga)

Ready to Use: Spray directly onto the bird by holding the spray 30-40cm from the bird.

Concentrate: Use a 5% solution of concentrate (eg. 50mL/L or 6½Fl.oz per Gal). Shake well before use.

Environment: Spray aviary, perches, and nest boxes thoroughly. One spray should give up to six weeks of protection.

Active Ingredients

  • Piperonyl butoxide, Permethrin, Methoprene



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